Designing high performance websites

Don’t you hate it when websites don’t load as fast as your hardware can handle? When you land on a website that takes its sweet time, loading icons, images, and even text, you just feel like clicking away. Why in this day and age, should any consumer be stuck waiting around for your website to load properly? There’s no valid reason and you know it. But, you might argue that basic websites are quickest because they don’t offer much in the way of design, graphics, animations, and a variety of media content. That was true, maybe 5-10 years ago. However, with new technology and web design companies, this is simply not the case anymore. 

A faster page

Having long lines of code is one of the biggest reasons why websites take time to load. Using a web development company that can optimise your code and still give you the features you want, is the counteracting choice. Increasing the speed of your caching is also a high priority. This will allow users to quickly revisit your website which is quite common. Consumers regularly put things in their online baskets, click away, and then come back to your website to potentially finish the purchase. With a faster cache design of your images, text, and sign-in process especially, this will load the page faster. Compressing your files will take away the spaces between items and thus, allow the operating software and search engine, to blast through the loading of your videos, images, and graphics. For that matter, optimising your images is something that you should be doing as a standard. Even if you had HD images, a high-performance web design company can make the file small and streamlined.

It’s very much alive

Did you know that chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%? This is essential because, you won’t have to invest in phone systems as much and also, take on fewer customer service employees to get the same amount of work done. Our web development process takes into account how chatbots can seriously drive up consumer interaction. The positive engagement you will receive is also a plus because a curious consumer can have their question answered in a matter of seconds, and this could lead to a sale. We utilise this modern technology to make your website not just user-friendly, but friendly to queries too.

Make it social

Everything on your website should be able to be shared. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, or even an entire page of services, social media sharing should be an option. We can help you with this, as we create bespoke optimised websites that take into account the new and often misunderstood ways that social media is used. Products must be able to be shared over Twitter, Facebook Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Our web development of your website will give you the option that when a product is shared, an image and or short video will be shared along with the product description. You can also have a unique hashtag generated with the shared post. This will greatly help your marketing campaign, and create leads into clients. 

Optimise your database

You want customers to comment on your blog posts but there are also many spam bots that fly around on the web, posting promotional comments of other businesses. Comments that break your terms of service are also a pest to your database. Little by little, this kind of garbage will accumulate and slow the loading of your comment sections and pages. With our web design team to create specific and unique chat filters and cleanout bots, we can keep the fluff down to a minimum. This allows your customers to feel like you have a space of intellectual curiosity and not have a cesspit of abuse and misinformation.

Constant care

Your website might be using a vast array of software. Each one needs to be updated and regularly patched for hidden errors that hackers and malware will try to exploit. We can create software that goes around to each of your software and looks for the latest updates from the companies that created them. This will allow you to keep your data safe, take full advantage of the latest patches and also, load your website pages quicker. Customers will feel safer with this kind of constant care, which is excellent for your marketing purposes. 

With speed naturally integrated into your websites, it will keep customers on your pages for longer and less frustrated. Start off by contacting us to see how we can optimize your data collection and keep it safe from prying hackers. 

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